A Man and his Dirt

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The land Harmony sits on was graced with natural beauty from the very beginning; far enough away from the foothills to afford the most spectacular views, possessing of natural topography that allowed those views to express their in-your-face elegance.  What is less obvious is how much effort it’s taken to reveal the full-blown beauty we have come to expect of this place.

Number of yards

Harmony’s first residential construction (comprised of Biden’s Gate, Club Drive, Engh Place, Tayside, and Dorshire) began in tandem with the construction of the golf course. On any given day there were upwards of 22 earthmovers roaming the terrain.  When it was all said and done over 755,000 yards of dirt would be relocated to shape the golf course, create undulating berms to manipulate views and produce 3 large water bodies.


This type of maniacal earth moving returned to Harmony when the second phase of residential construction started. To build Grand Park, Clovis Court, Alister, Valley Crest and the beginning of Ridgeline Drive the earthmovers were back pushing and shaping more than 400,000 yards of dirt to build lots that would exploit the amazing views to the west and east that now feature some of the most lovely homes in Northern Colorado.


The subsequent phases?  You get the picture; tons and tons of dirt pushed and pulled to create lakes and berms that augment a reality that is unlike anything seen in this part of the world.


If you drive along Harmony Road, undoubtedly you have noticed the new streets, new sidewalks, new berms, new lakes, new lots. Curious?  We notice all the traffic driving, walking or biking slowly through this in-progress new section of Harmony.


Let us give you the real story.


Poised to deliver to the market in the 4th quarter of this year, the newest phase of Harmony’s growth features an enclave of 24 lots that will see the construction of paired homes, or “Villas.”  While the actual vertical construction of the homes has not been scheduled, we anticipate ground breaking to occur during 2018.  Actual design of floor plans and market pricing is on-going.


In addition to the Villas, 23 luxury estate lots will also deliver during the same time period.  At 24,000 square feet on average, these lots replicate some of the stunning home sites observed in Harmony’s first filing.


For more information or private tours, please contact the Harmony Center.  We are always ready to help you find your perfect Harmony.