The Nelson Homestead

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The Homesteaders

If reference to the “Nelson Homestead” creates more of a “huh?” than a “hmmm,” let us explain.

Before there was Harmony, there were acres and acres of rolling prairie homesteaded by the Nelson family.  In 1872 Simon Duncan (pictured center, seated with beard and hat) acquired a Deed of Trust from the United States Government for land to homestead in the Colorado Territories.  Three generations later, Clovis Nelson, Simon’s great-great-grandson had grown the original 40-acre plot to a full 640-acre section of ground fully engaged as a sheep ranching operation.  His son, Rodney Nelson, and Byron Collins, decided the ground could work just as hard grazing golfers and growing houses as it did growing and grazing sheep.

Careful observations around the neighborhood will reveal random references to our agricultural heritage; metal sheep in the roundabout at the entry, a street called “Biden’s Gate” (Biden being Latin for “ram”), that kind of covert subtlety is our careful footfall.  We believe it’s important to pay homage to where we’ve come from in order to make it all the way to where we are going.