The Owner’s Corner

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It’s tough to believe we’ve been working at bringing Harmony to life since 1998.  In those years, my children were young, not really even fully into their teenage years, I had a solid golf game and a beautiful effervescent wife.  I still have a beautiful effervescent wife, but I will marry off my second child this fall, and my golf game has, well, changed.  And so has Harmony.

It’s safe to say that Harmony represents the very best of what the Northern Colorado market can produce in terms of a lifestyle experience.  This year we’ve reached a few notable milestones that are worth sharing:

231 – The number of individual homes that are occupied or under construction.  This is nearing the half way mark for the number of residential lots approved by the Town of Timnath in our original land plan.

30 @ $1,000,000 – Harmony’s annual absorption of residential units and median price of homes sold.  We continue to see healthy activity in the true upper end, luxury market in Northern Colorado.  While Harmony’s custom builders are able to deliver the lion’s share of homes, the total demand is filled out by a very robust resale market.

330 – The current number of golfing members who belong to Harmony Club.  We happily enjoy one of the truly “private” golf experiences in the region offering up relaxed tee times and a very diverse group of passionate golfers.  With continued good fortune, we can actually foresee having the possibility of a non-resident wait list.

A million dollars and counting – The amount of money donated and raised through Harmony’s charitable giving and tournament fund raising since 2008.  This doesn’t include the endowment created by establishing a permanent practice facility for CSU’s men’s and women’s golf teams; that’s an on-going collaboration that brings a great deal of pride to the Club and local alumni.

And 2018 . . . The year we intend to break ground on the final element of the Club House Campus.  We’re perfectly content with how well populated the pavilion, swimming pools, court facility and work out facility have been over the past couple years, but we’re itching to finish the site and deliver a Club House that will bring as much delight.  The Campus has become a very vibrant component to the lifestyle that we love at Harmony.  It’s brought together the golfer, the young family, the multi-generational population, and even unexpectedly introduced an entirely new sport to the scene (that would be pickle ball).  With the addition of the final piece of the vision, we believe we might be able to actually marry out needs with our wants.  Stay tuned . . .