Welcome to In Harmony

As a foundation for all things Harmony, we want to share our mission and vision statements –  this explains how we all ended up in Timnath –  the one in Colorado, not the one in the land of the sun. Vision Through unwavering commitment to excellence, execute a tasteful transformation of the Nelson Homestead into the Premier lifestyle community of Northern Colorado. Mission To assemble dedicated, like-minded individuals who will work together to create a unique and beautiful … Continue readingWelcome to In Harmony

The Nelson Homestead

If reference to the “Nelson Homestead” creates more of a “huh?” than a “hmmm,” let us explain. Before there was Harmony, there were acres and acres of rolling prairie homesteaded by the Nelson family.  In 1872 Simon Duncan (pictured center, seated with beard and hat) acquired a Deed of Trust from the United States Government for land to homestead in the Colorado Territories.  Three generations later, Clovis Nelson, Simon’s great-great-grandson had grown the original 40-acre plot to a … Continue readingThe Nelson Homestead

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The Owner’s Corner

It’s tough to believe we’ve been working at bringing Harmony to life since 1998.  In those years, my children were young, not really even fully into their teenage years, I had a solid golf game and a beautiful effervescent wife.  I still have a beautiful effervescent wife, but I will marry off my second child this fall, and my golf game has, well, changed.  And so has Harmony. It’s safe to say that Harmony represents the very best … Continue readingThe Owner’s Corner

Back to Back

Last year Harmony Club founder and majority owner Byron Collins was awarded the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year by Colorado State University’s Business College (Finance and Real Estate Department).  This year, Collins just received the 2017 Bravo Award as Entrepreneur of the Year by Biz West Publications.  The honor was awarded on the basis of many successful entrepreneurial ventures along with a strong emphasis placed on many highly successful residential developments in the area including Paragon Point, Paragon … Continue readingBack to Back

Keeping up with the Joneses

In case you didn’t know, Harmony has an abundance of Joneses. This varietal of Jones has migrated to our fair state from south of the Mason-Dixon line, bringing with them a wonderful and refreshing Southern energy.  If you haven’t run into them yet, here’s what you can look forward to: Brian & Susan (Sigman) Jones After selling his business in 2015, it was obvious change was in the air and a move away from Sarasota would ensue.  So, … Continue readingKeeping up with the Joneses

The Whether Report

We want to include one offering for no other reason than to amuse.  Life is complicated and sometimes very intense, the Whether Report offers a slightly off-beat perspective designed to provide reprieve from the weather of life. So, we’ve somehow slid right past the long hot days of summer into the improbably unpredictable days of Autumn.. The lawn looks a little more worn out than the half-empty bottles of sunscreen abandoned on the floor of the car.  As … Continue readingThe Whether Report